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Reaching goals requires movement, moving requires changes. Changing the expectations or the way of working. A successful change requires the targeted training of employees, tailored to the needs of the staff as well as to the operational requirements of the company.

Training contains the necessary knowledge to fulfil new requirements but also the creation of the understanding why a change is necessary and what the benefits are.

Applying what we have learned theoretically is the biggest challenge. Sharing experience what worked and individual coaching, as well as the implementation of coaching mechanisms help to secure the long-term success of a training.

Tailored Training

Realmove offers trainings tailored to the company needs through:

ASSESSING training and development needs and the creation of training plans that include a rationale that aims to fulfil business goals.

RECOMMENDING a range of cost-effective solutions, training and non-training for team development.

DESIGNING & DELIVERING tailored approach and content.

EVALUATING training interventions and propose actions for individuals to consolidate learning.

COACHING at all levels of the organisation to further improve business results.

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