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Before being able to reach a goal it is necessary to know what exactly the actual position is. Only by knowing the departure point can the necessary actions be defined and realistic times set. Analysing the actual situation includes measuring, these measurements can also be used to measure the progress and the goal reaching.

Measurements help to make actions and success tangible and by knowing this when to celebrate. Often it is not enough to know what the actual position is, the how and the why this point was reached is equally important to avoid walking in circles.

Assessment Management

Realmove collates information towards the achievement of business excellence through:

IDENTIFYING key success factors and areas of proficiency that need support and / or enhancement.

DISTINGUISHING and aligning priorities to enable the development of competencies and skills, and provide a framework for improvement continuity.

PROVIDING recommendations and master-plan for the next step options to assist the management team in its decision-making in moving from where they are to-day to where they want to be in the future.

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