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For every action that cannot be measured we have to ask if we need the action. The big challenge is to find the right criteria to measure an action. Measurement is needed to improve or to see where there is the need for improvement, to do so we have to make sure that we specify by what an action is influenced, is it people, skills and knowledge, process or infrastructure.

Once we have found measurement criteria the question is who is measured with it. We have to secure that people are measured by criteria that are within their power to influence in order to avoid frustration. With agreed criteria we can measure efficiency and make improvements tangible and traceable. The feeling to be measured by the right criteria helps to increase motivation and satisfaction.

Performance Management

Realmove integrates solutions that deliver bottom-line results and improves performance through:

DEVELOPING core management competencies (Management & Leadership, Strategy and Planning, Group and Interpersonal Effectiveness, Thinking Styles, Problem Solving and Managing Results) through training and coaching.

ALIGNING practices and process to improve individual's and team’s effectiveness and performance.

INTRODUCING continuous improvement assessment philosophy and practices and conducting continuous improvement reviews.

ASSESSING to identify the areas of proficiency needing support, continuous improvement, quality and service levels, skills and resource requirements.

MEASURING with the SMART Measurement Tool where tracking is: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Targeted.

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