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Most actions are either triggered by a preceding action or by daily routine tasks. The efficiency in completing a task depends on how we work, the routine, experience and the quality of the preceding action.

In most cases, the experience is tacit knowledge of each individual and creating a lean documentation of this expertise the knowledge process becomes communicatable, repeatable, measurable and if needed it can be analysed.

By understanding the preceding and following actions, input and output can be tailored to the specific needs and efficiency greatly improved.

Process Management

Realmove facilitates process stabilization and the ability to react flexibly on business requirement through:

MODELING to provide graphical representation of how tasks and processes fit together and a framework for developing improved business capabilities.

MAPPING to profile the business showing the organizational, operational, systems requirements, to better understand and optimize common information and operations across processes.

STANDARDIZING to minimise the cost of non-core strengths, to provide a transparent overview of the company and to ensure everyone works from a consistent basis with a common understanding.

DOCUMENTING in a language that the users can understand to provide a comprehensive but lean process documentation and check-lists where the new process steps are transparent.

MEASURING against key performance indicators and standards to make adjustments as necessary to meet business requirements.

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