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Every project contains of a broad range of activities requiring many skills. For the people involved, the activities are often different to the daily work. A detailed planning of the activities in addition to a good preparation of the team members is crucial for a successful project, where the technical knowledge is as equally important as the soft factors to overcome the uncertainty that the new tasks and the new team bring with them.

Mostly a project does not only impact the involved people but also the whole organisation or at least part of an organisation. Since the unknown creates insecurity excellent communication is required to keep uneasiness at a minimum. An adequate information policy can eliminate obstacles and create a wide range of support needed to secure the success of a project.

Project Management

Realmove creates clear direction, efficiency, timely response, and quality outcomes through:

SCOPING to define the limits and end results of the project and detailing how the project will be managed, the risks it faces and the assumptions.

PLANNING to reduce risk and to deliver the desired business outcomes within the timeframe and defining work packages with the details of sequencing of activities, quality and process controls.

SCHEDULING & BUDGETING to accurately estimate timeframe and costs, schedule projects, and effectively utilize resources.

CONTROLLING and motivating work on the project through the clear assignments of Roles & Responsibilities that are well-matched to the individual’s capabilities.

COMMUNICATING progress supported with Status Reports that are decision-making tools with quantified alternatives to consider.

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