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At the beginning there is a goal, the answer to the question how to reach this goal presents many options. By selecting an option we commit to a strategy and as long as the goal does not change the chosen strategy needs to be followed through.

A change of strategy mid-ways results in a loss of commitment and credibility, only steps defined and the actions taken to realise the strategy are the areas that need to be reviewed and adapted on a regular basis to achieve the goal.

Strategy Management

Realmove enables the definition and achievement of measurable financial and strategic objectives through:

DEVELOPING strategic direction in the areas of organizational, customer centric, cost saving, sales, consolidation and outsourcing strategies.

DEFINING strategic objectives and frameworks for assessing both the internal and external situation, formulating and implementing the strategy and evaluating the progress.

IMPLEMENTING the programme, the budgets and procedures involving and supporting the management and team in the implementation, alignment and transition.

COMMUNICATING the strategic direction, helping people to understand the effect and benefit and keeping everyone informed on the progress.

EVALUATING AND CONTROLLING the progress against clearly defined measurement criteria and standards to facilitate making adjustments as necessary to stay on track.

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