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The higher we climb in a hierarchy the lonelier we get. People that used to be our colleagues and our sounding boards are no longer there, either because we are now the boss or there is no time to talk.

In every position we are faced with different challenges, we need to develop skills, find methods and tools suited to our own personal style to handle the challenges.

Having an outsider supporting us in this situation is sometimes the only possibility, due to our position, and sometimes the best, since we get a neutral outsiders view with a different approach and we can talk openly about ideas and challenges without fearing to lose face.

When we are in the position where we need to build, lead and motivate ourselves and others having access to methods and tools to perform these tasks help us to improve efficiency and reduce the time required.

Coaching & Mentoring

Realmove provides coaching and mentoring that is unbiased, where we help and support management to:

DEFINE performance goals and parameters that are suitable within a organisation’s culture.

LEAD, MOTIVATE and SUPPORT their staff in order to build a successful team.

ASSIGN clear areas of responsibility, delegate and prioritise appropriately.

MANAGE across different cultures and organisational units to gain co-operation and common goals.

ENHANCE their ability to listen to other people and help to realise their ideas.

DEAL with performance issues and with difficult staff and situations.

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