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Sometimes we, ourselves, a team or a project, are navigated in a situation where it seems that there is no way out. This situation can either be created internally or by external influencing factors. All we can see in this situation are obstacles that prevent us from seeing solutions.

By introducing an mediator, that has no history and is neutral between the parties, we get an outsiders view that helps us to start looking for solutions. Often what is needed is to listen what happened, to analyse systematically and to structure the approach with a different point of view in order to find a solution, build again a common platform or generate a constructive, truthful, trustful and open atmosphere to build on and sometimes a totally new approach is needed to get out of the situation.

Crisis Management

Realmove helps companies to prepare for and respond to crises through:

DEVELOPING an integrated crisis management approach to strategically guide companies in the event of a crisis.

IDENTIFYING solutions to bring projects back on track and determining an appropriate action plan, estimate timeframe and costs, re-schedule project activities and effectively utilize resources.

IMPLEMENTING performance solutions enabling companies to maintain staff performance effectiveness in advance or in the event of a crisis.

RESOLVING conflict within teams or across functions, enabling the smooth transition to a team building environment.

EVALUATING & ADDRESSING cross-cultural issues and barriers to support positive interaction and understanding.

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