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Since 1999, Realmove AG, a Swiss based consulting and training company, has been successfully providing services and solutions to multinational companies in the Automotive, Financial Services, Aviation and Call Centre industries.

Realmove AG has a result orientated, proven track record in recommending company specific strategic options, delivering solutions that drive change and successfully implementing integrated solutions including the processes and measurement criteria.

Realmove AG is thoroughly attuned to business issues and dedicated to developing skills, aptitude and attitudes vital for improving business results. Applying the correct kind of learning and development as well as equip people with the right tools.

Realmove AG was founded by Lorraine Canty and Beatrice Steps-Schalch, bringing the experience of working in international companies such as Hewlett Packard and Ernst & Young. Together with our team we bring an insiders knowledge with an outsiders perspective having over 200 years real business experience.


Realmove AG also possesses a network of specialists all over the world in order to always provide the expertise needed in a project, based on industries as well as based on services such as management consulting and training. We are able to provide the services in English, German and French as well as other languages.


Having a business background coupled with a strong IT background we successfully operate as translators between IT and Operations in IT projects and leverage the value of IT investments by aligning Organisation, People, Process and IT.

Being a company with people of different nationalities and formation backgrounds we are used to deal with cultural and cross functional challenges.


We work together with out clients as a team, consolidating the in-house knowledge with our expertise to achieve top quality and practical solutions with realistic implementation plans and achievable, measurable goals.


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