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Management Consulting - Coaching - Training Services

without movement there are no aims

without achievements we remain static

without aims there are no achievements


MOVING from where they are today to where they want to be in the future.

IDENTIFYING which initiatives will deliver the quickest returns.

SHIFTING people to a different mind-set.

IMPROVING results by working smarter not harder.

We help our clients in:

To listen

Experience shows that one of the reasons why projects fail is that either people do not listen to each other or do not understand what the other person has said or is saying. Our way of working always starts with ...

To see

One of the main reasons to engage a consulting company, apart from expertise, is to get an outsiders perspective into a company. While bringing in experience and new ideas Realmove believes that one of the ...

To speak

All successful projects require communication. Communication and understanding are one of the biggest challenges. Realmove sees its position not as an outsider during a project but as being part of the team. We are ...

To evaluate

Having assessed the actual situation and understood the requirements and circumstances we develop suited actions to achieve the desired goal. Every project creates cost, internal costs such ...

To initiate

The project plan is one of the important factors to have before starting a project. Equally as important is to know the resources and the impacted people. Our experience shows that it is essential that the ...

To support

A successful project requires the support of each of the team members. The insight of the people working in the company as well as the expertise of the consultant in coaching the process. While the experience ...

Management Consulting

Realmove provides guidance, assessments and execution in the alignment of strategic intent, management practices, processes, systems, culture and behaviour, enabling companies to:

Craft process and operational efficiencies initiatives

Handle strategic initiatives and objectives with increased effectiveness

Accomplish improved performance and development of their people

Navigate and realise continuous improvement objectives

Gain competitive differentiation

Ensure the delivery of high quality service with improved profitability


Coaching & Training

Realmove AG has designed and successfully delivered tailored training programs to over 10,000 front line staff, with over 1,500 senior managers utilizing our recommended practices, processes and measurements.

Initial training is rarely enough to give more than a basic level of competence and confidence. Realmove AG designs it’s trainings as a sequence of training classes and on the job training.

In addition Realmove AG implements coaching mechanisms to secure the long-term success and supports through scheduled 1:1 sessions and informal small group coaching session.

Realmove Testimonials


"BMW Group is implementing SAP for the worldwide standardization of processes and systems in the automotive plants. One of the main success factors is the change process due to this implementation. Realmove supported this project with their excellent know-how in Change Management. Realmove’s qualities, exemplary dedication, profound method knowledge, natural intuition for change processes and outstanding implementation power, contributed to a successful program design and implementation. The joint cooperation was positively successful."

Johann Schuberthan

Vice President Logistics and IT, BMW Group, CEO ML Associates

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